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On the Move With James Joyce

On the Move With James Joyce. The collection is called ‘On The Move With James Joyce’, Joyce’s notion of creating cycles and the use of stylistic devices to suit his artistic needs is reflected in the way Julia uses different materials and creating movement in all of her collection. Julia Soubbotina born in Moscow has been building her impressive carreer in stage and costume design working on projects in Croatia, Russia and Germany. She came to Berlin in 1994 for a postgraduate course Textile designat the UdK. She has worked on projects with Niksa Eterovic since 2002 and has been involved in the making of the James Joyce Cycle from the start. Her method of creating the costumes is by imagining the entirety of the charactersand the stage. She does so by painting these characters to get ideas for the costumes and the best way of staging them. Here we give you a small glimpse into Julia’s process.


Lilian Dorst


1. Moving with James Joyce, 2012, 36x48 charcoal on paper
James Joyce stuck in the middle with different languages circling him shows Joyce’s need for finding new ways of interpreting the world around him. 

2. Fly (Stephen Dedalus), 2012, 36x48 charcoal on paper
Appropriately Stephen Dedalus is portayed here flying to show his imaginative flight from the world around him.
3. Lucia Joyce-macchinadellafamiglia, 2010, 36x48 aquarelle on paper
Lucia is portrayed here looking through the mirror to her mind. She looks to outside (coffees und chocolate cakes)
 4. Eveline Dreams (“Dubliners” J. Joyce) 2010, 36x48 aquarelle on paper
portrayed Eveline’s dream of being swept of her feet towards sunny Buenos Aires.

5. Dead (“Dead” J. Joyce) 2009, 45x 60   aquarelle   on paper
Michael Furey portrayed here a with an accordion to symbolize The Lass of Aughrim which he used to sing for Gretta.

6. Draft for Stage design (first variant) “Ulysses” 2012, 36x48 collage
As the bed is the focal point of Molly’s stream of consciousness, Julia first variant of the bed shows the movement of the drapings as Molly hears the train roll by in the morning and the wind coming through the window.

7. Cemetery, 2012, 36x48  aquarelle on paper
The flight of the spirit at the cemetery
8. Flood and Glut, “Ulysses”, 2010, 36x48 aquarelle  on paper
The bird is caught(Nausikaa)

9. By Night “Ulysses”; 2012,  36x48 aquarelle on paper
Julia’s impression of Stephen and Leopold walking back to no. 7 Eccles Street

10.Universe of   “Ulysses”/Ithaca; 2012, 36x48 charcoal on paper
Stephen and Leopold Bloom at the kitchen table in“Ithaca”…in the cosmic universe

11. Draft for costume Mother-Spirits; 2012, 36x48  aquarelle on paper
12. Draft for costume Rhinoceros, 2012, 36x48  aquarelle on paper

13. Molly live! 2012, 36x48 aquarelle on paper
Molly surrounded by her thoughts and fantasies in “Penelope”.

14. Draft for Stage design, 2012, 36x48 charcoalon paper

First thoughts for stage design of Ulysses or the Cyclops and his Rhinoceroses.

15. " The Breadth", 2011, 36x48  aquarelle on paper
Nausicaa is, by metempsychosis into Gerty MacDowell dreaming. (Nausikaa)